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Andrés García Vidal



Andrés García Vidal works as an artist with a focus on sound and research. From an interest in audio’s intrusive scope and its capacity to “break into”, he investigates forms of voicing and sounding as methods to inhabit, affect and, in other words, to be agentive within specific locations, situations and contexts. He delves into invasiveness, porosity and relationality as a way to engage with the politics and poetics of public space and architecture. Through acoustics’ persuasiveness, improvisation and noise as a non-normative form of participation, he pursues a “freedom of listening”—in reference to Kate Lacey; [...] the conditions of the marketplace, as well as more direct instances of censorship and control, might lead to a multitude of similar voices, or the marginalization or silencing of certain other voices. Kate Lacey, Listening in the Digital Age, 2013.