Contact with the IAC

Galleries and private collectors before the new inter-trade challenges

This working group will examine the relationships between artists, gallery owners and private collectors in order to foster committment with contemporary art collecting, culture and society; promote increased professionalism to best meet the needs of collecting, and offer more guarantees about the authenticity of works, as well as the reliability of multiple art editions and transparency in transactions. This greater strength and security will be of advantage to the social appreciation of the role of gallery owners and collectors.

Among others, the following issues will be discussed: the reasons for conflict in relationships between artists, collectors and gallery owners; the challenges collectors are facing before new formats and contemporary art practices; the regulation of professional relations between artists, gallery owners, collectors and art institutions; the training and professionalization of gallery owners and collectors; the collaboration to help develop a stronger cultural arts scenario; the search for strategies of action by collectors to play a more active part in the public sphere.

  • Coordination

    Peter Maisterra Director de la Galería Maisterravalbuena
  • Juana de Aizpuru Directora de la Galería Juana de Aizpuru y Comisaria de diferentes exposiciones.
  • Blanchard Rabeca
  • Juan Bonet
  • Francis Cantos
  • Chema de Francisco Director de ESTAMPA, Feria Internacional de Arte Múltiple
  • Mario Legorburu
  • Enrique Valles