Contact with the IAC

Professional status of contemporary art

Spain has experienced remarkable growth and development of professionalism in the various sectors and job profiles related to the visual arts. In line with the efforts to reach agreement on the Statute of the Artist, it is necessary to expand and advance the articulation of a Statute of Visual Arts Professionals that include curators, critics, cultural managers, educators, mediators and other professionals. Therefore, the objective of this interprofessional working group is the proposal for regularization of the social, business, and fiscal conditions; copyright and intellectual property, training, recruitment and industry self-regulation agreements applied to the various branches of our industry.

  • Coordination

    Federico Castro Comisario. Profesor titular de Historia del Arte de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Coordination

    Javier Peñafiel
  • Margarita Aizpuru Comisaria y crítica de Arte
  • Ricardo Calero Artista
  • Jacinto Lara Artista
  • Elizabeth Child