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Convocatoria:propuestas de proyectos para participar en la Bienal de Luleå en 2011

25 artistas serán seleccionados a partir de las propuestas de proyectos enviadas a la organización antes del 14 de Enero de 2011.

Kilen Art Group invites proposals for contemporary artprojects for its 15th edition of Luleå Art Biennial, LAB 11. LAB is focused on supporting and enabling the production of new work.

LAB 11 is a platform for international contemporary art, open to all visual arts media. 25 artists will be selected from proposals that have reached the organizer before January 14 2011. Proposals for LAB 11 may not have been realized in other venues in Sweden.

Without theme, LAB 11 wants to give the artists the right to unprejudiced express their contemporary.

The production team being an artist run organization cognizant of artist’s requirements, the combination of outdoor and indoor venues are additional elements that set LAB apart from most other biennials.

LAB is the oldest biennial in Scandinavia and by its particular geographic location, the worlds northernmost.


Exhibition June 22 - September 11 2011.


Luleå Art Biennial (LAB11) is held at three separate locations, two indoors locations and one outdoors:

• The Art Gallery of the House of Culture.

• The Regional Museum of Norrbotten.

• The Museum Park.


• Approximately 25 artists from all over the world will be accepted to participate in the biennial. The Jury will make the selection based on proposals received by the LAB11 before January 14, 2011.

• Insurance: As individuals, the participants take part in the biennial at their own risk. Please ensure that you have organized adequate insurance cover for yourself. Travel and accomodation

• For artists that produce the art on site, the organizer will pay for one return journey (round trip) to Luleå for each participating project.

• For artists that produce the art on site, food and accomodation will be paid by the organizer.

• Accommodation and food expenses for any other person who may travel with the artist will not be provided by the organizer.


• An Exhibition fee of SEK 3000 (about USD 420) for each artist/project will be paid by

the organizer.

• One grant worth SEK 7,000 (about 1000 USD) will be awarded.

• If the work of art is to be for sale, please indicate the price at the appropriate place on the application form. The organizer´s commission fee is 20 %. If it is not for sale please indicate its insurance value. Observe that insurance is not covered for outdoor works.


• There are no restrictions regarding material or technique.

• Artists wishing to produce/create their works on location in Luleå must specify the materials they require that they would like the organizer to arrange. These materials are on the organizers expense.

• Please inform the organizer of any special needs/requirements. We will provide any assistance possible.


• LAB11 can provide adequate studios/workshops.

• LAB11 can provide the artist with tools and equipment that the artist are unable to carry with him/her. Please, let us know in advance exactly your needs.

• If your project need expertice support, we can connect your project with Luleå Technical University or some of our local sponsors in the field of edge technology.


• The organizer reserves the right to publish photographs and films showing the exhibited art works.


• Artists that plan to send finished works shall send them so that the work of art will be in Luleå by 1st June 2011 at the latest. Expenses for transports are not coverd by the organizer, unless specifically agreed so with the organizer.

• Return transport is only covered through special and individual agreements. Inall other cases transport of art produced on location, for the biennial, is not covered by Luleå Art Biennial. Outdoor art could, after individual agreement, be placed in the Kronan Sculpture Park in Luleå.


The Luleå region has over the centuries been developed much through its natural resources, ore and timber. Today this is reflected through the high presence of steel industries and a high technology infrastructure.

For the past 20 years, the Kilen Art Group, together with the City of Luleå, has held and developed international artistic events in Luleå in northern Sweden.

The aim is to produce high quality art events of international standard.

How to apply

Please fill in and return the following documents by e-mail or regular mail to reach the organizers not later than January 14, 2011:

• Application form.

• Explanation, title, technique and size of the proposed work of art. maximum 300 words.

• Exhibition catalogues or photographs or other documentation of the artist´s previous works. Note that these will not be returned. For e-mail maximum 3 JPEG photos.

• Curriculum Vitae

• Short biography. Maximum 100 words.

• Lists of materials and tools needed


January 14 Deadline for application.

The documents must reach the organizer at this date at the latest.

June 22 Opening.

June 22 - Sep. 11 Exhibition period.

The Biennial Jury reserves the right to select the participating projects, based on the

proposals that have reached the organizer before January 14 2011..




Luleå Art Biennial • Kilen Art Group • Kronan H5 • 974 42 LULEÅ • SWEDEN

tel: +46 (0)920-156 20 • E-mail: info@kilenartgroup.org