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Isidro López-Aparicio at Darat al Funun (The Khalid Shoman Foundation).

Isidro López-Aparicio (iLA), Spanish Artist stay in one of the most prestigious Contemporary Art Center Darat Al Fonum (Amman, Jordan) in December invited by the Plastic Art Association and de Cultural Ministry for working in the context of a Symposium and he set a Live installation work (Hidden Reality, Masquerade) and a performance (Marks on the Skin, Insights and Remains). The artist developed this two art works in two stages, connecting Europe with the Arabic world, bringing understanding and respect. The performance was inaugurated with the video done in Spain (insight Caterva action Art platform) giving the step to the artist cutting his cloths and printing on them from his own skin and finally his own blood, as compel from the personal committed that López-Aparicio do as part of his involving in the social understanding, human rights, peace and conflicts. The installation has been generated to be show in Jordan, mobile from the exhibition space, and the second step will be in Spain, bringing up all the connections articulated in his artwork.

One-step more from his long-term project (ten year already): Relative Centres, Magnified Targets was collected as recordings for Raíz-Microphone.

López-Aparicio well known from their installations, art tools as meeting spaces and performance, became form in video, print, photo, sculpture… With a solid international career this last years had recognition by his selection in significant places of the art world in China, Russia, Italy and UK (Galleria D’Arte Moderno, , Palermo, GAM, Cantieri Culturali Della Zisa, Ping Yao Photo Art Festival, Sea Level Biennale, St Petersburg, State Chelyabinsk Museum of Arts, Inter Art Center, Beijing, Tate London, …) As curator is set up the International Action Art Festival Cabezabajo and ArcoPaz, and its preparing Artifariti 2012 (Western Sahara).