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Juan Aizpitarte presenta Grey Matter/Anthropometry en Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan

Juan Aizpitarte

Inauguración: Día 18 de septiembre a las 16:00

Del 18 al 30 de septiembre de 2020



When Vita Kuben now opens up for the public again, it will be with the exhibition that would actually have ended the spring program in which 3 artists have had three different places as a starting point for their different works. We are therefore very pleased to present Juan Aizpitarte's installation which he has produced exclusively for Vita Kuben.

Aizpitarte has looked upon "the white cube" as an architectural phenomenon but also used his own body as a starting point. Through films, performances, sculptures, installations and interventions in the public space, Aizpitarte proposes questions and reflections in the public sphere, about our relationship with others, our place to face power, or to face art. His works are propositive, sometimes impertinent and even provocative, always keeping a playful environment and resounding at the same time. His works have been exhibited throughout the world in multiple research projects such as Agur Jaunak or Ciudat de Vacances, and personal exhibitions such as Yo el traidor (Maritime Museum, Donostia 2019), Souvenirs (Galeria Maior, Palma de Mallorca 2018 ), In Between (Public Art, Stockolm 2015), Cosmic Ray (La chaufferie, Strassbourg 2012), The Gray Wall, (MA Studio Beijing 2012), Exodus (Biennial Event, Bordeaux 2011), or The rise of Rad (Torrence Museum, L.A 2010.) among others.

In previous exhibitions, we first met Heidrun Holzfeind with her video installation the time is now about the Japanese shamanistic improvisation duo IRO, filmed at the Inter-University Seminar House in Hachioji, Tokyo. This special house, designed by the Japanese architect and thinker Takamasa Yosizaka, whose ideas about the relationship between people, nature and architecture, individual and society, sustainability and peace, and his critique of Western civilization were in many ways consistent with the musicians' way of looking at life. The experimental film Amplifier by Saara Ekström was shown as part two in the series. The film takes place at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, which represents a historic paradigm shift and stands as a modernist landmark - a mixture of utopia and oblivion.