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"Others in Mind", de Darya von Berner, se proyectará en el European Opera Days 2017

Con ocasión del European Opera Days 2017,Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig ha programado la proyección de Others in Mind, el documental que forma parte de  #SELFIE_LEIPZIG de Darya von Berner.

7 de mayo

Lugar: Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig Hall 1


Others in Mind is Darya von Berner’s adaptation of Victor Ullmann’s Kaiser von Atlantis. It is a musical exploration of the theme of narcissism, exacerbated in the character of dictator Kaiser Überall, the main protagonist, and his journey to self-recognition and to his own death. The beauty of Ullmann’s opera lies in the final realisation of its protagonist that he has to take the others into account and through his own death makes space for the ones to come.