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Pilar Millán. Art as a strategy to change of the socio-political borders | Arts Club Berlin | 14.12, 7:00 pm

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public discourse

September - December 2015
ART AND POLITICS | Art in Europe - invisible borders

Within our public discourse „Invisible Borders“ is a part of our larger theme Borderless art in Europe. The ACB will analyse our accustomed view of our obviously, in their origins, unreflected cultural standards. We will introduce into innovative projects from international artists who are active in different geo-political zones. We will discuss the versatility of artistic life, the realization of artistic concepts and their productional process under different aspects. The motivations of the artists, their artistic, political and social demands and their expectations should become evident. In this coming cycle, the ACB public discourse will also direct its attention to our furthest borders on the threshold of Europe, its historical binds, its perception and its unnoticed existence. It is an attempt to examine the artistic process along with the factors of geo-political zones, as well as the criterias of political-economical concellations. In these discussions we intend to direct the attention of our invited artists and curators to the borders of our reflections: about what is invisible, unknown and unperceptively, what influences our consciousness. What process regulates our thoughts, our way of thinking. And what can be disturbed through artistic process and give us some new impulses.