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Rosa Brun artista participante en Gallery Weekend CDMX 2018

Del 20 al 23 de septiembre, en Ciudad de México, se celebra el Gallery Weekend CDMX 2018 en el que participan 39 galerías y espacios emergentes con obras de artistas nacionales, internacionales, emergentes y consagrados del arte moderno.

Entre ellas la Galería Nina Menocal  que presenta obra de Rosa Brun, Eduardo Costa, Eric Pérez, Nadin Ospina, Donis Dayan, Juana Martínez y Lidzie Alvisa.


The inspiration for this exhibition of artists from Buenos Aires, Colombia, Mexico City, Madrid, Havana and the Mountains of Michoacán was the Argentinian Eduardo Costa who presented an anthological exhibition at the Tamayo Museum last November, 2017. Twice. Costa combined conceptual with figurative, mixed techniques: letters, postcards, furniture, the Duchamp bicycle with spiral, jewelry, advertising billboards, images in Vogue New York and volumetric paintings that are literally his spiritual miracles. The nina menocal gallery followed an idea that will take us to the soul of an extraordinary exhibition: Eric Perez brings us mysterious nocturne paintings that are pure poetry. The "Transparencies" of Donis Dayan appear and disappear as political ideologies. Nadin Ospina contributes pop art and symbols that have internationalized him; Rosa Brun, abstract geometry that is felt from the heart; Juana Martinez the innate talent from the Mexican hills and Lidzie Alvisa, her "Ideas". NM