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Sabrina Amrani presenta un solo project de Waqas Khan para el sector Disegni de la Feria Artissima 2019

Sabrina Amrani

Del 31 de octubre al 3 de noviembre de 2019

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For the gallery’s sixth participation in a row in Artissima, Sabrina Amrani is bringing to Turin a presentation by Pakistani artist Waqas Khan for the Disegni sector of the fair.

The presentation begins with a selection of works from Khan’s Forming Spaces series that the artist has executed in the last year, using white ink on white paper. This choice of color is not arbitrary: the white on white makes it a lot more difficult for the viewer to see, comprehend and finally behold the intricate designs painstakingly drawn, line by line, dot by dot by the artist. Khan is intentionally forcing the viewers to take their time, slow down their pace and actually spend some time to interact with the works -the more you look at them the more you actually see the ink deposited on the surface-.

The context of the presentation is not arbitrary either: art fairs are increasingly visually and intellectually overwhelming for visitors, with a very small attention span to each work they are confronted with. Waqas is creating a sanctuary for meditation, a space where you ought to breath in and out in synchronization to the artists’ meditative practice, and dancing with his strokes and forms.

The presentation is completed with two works from Khan’s Alphabet series, a new body of work recently presented for the first time at Khan’s second solo show in a museum, at the MUSAC (Spain), and with a poliptych work from his Symphony and a trio series.

Waqas Khan’s work is already in very prominent public collections like The British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Deutsche Bank Collection, The Whitworth, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and Manchester Museum, to name a few. This year he showed his work at the Asia Pacific Triennale at the QAGOMA in Brisbane.