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SCAN presenta SECOND ATTENTION AWARENESS con Anna Dot, Ian Waelder, Richard Hards and the ‘electronic presence’ of Tom Dale


Hasta el 15 de junio de 2019


SCAN is pleased to present ‘Second attention awareness’, a project curated by Aina Pomar and with works by Anna Dot, Ian Waelder and Richard Hards and the ‘electronic presence of Tom Dale The exhibition opens on Thursday May 2nd 2019, 18:30 to 21:00 at the SCAN Project Room. 

Driven by fast-paced routines and focused on getting from A to B on time, we may not notice how the different architectural elements around us determine our attitude towards the urban landscape, and towards each other. We seem to exist in parallel to the city. In JG Ballard’s works, the structure of the city slips in the grammar and syntax of his prose, allowing the reader to see how he dissected his own experience of the city, how he expressed that the buildings that surround us and that we live in can alter our social behaviour.
Pushing slightly the boundaries of our rational understanding, we can aim to translate what we encounter in our commutes and everyday life into syntactic elements. Then, sharpenning our attention to absorb what the city is constantly communicating to us, we could come to read the street signs, the pavement materials or the structure of a specific building as part of larger and non-linear narrative to describe our urban lives.
Including works by Anna Dot, Richard Hards and Ian Waelder, Second Attention Awareness considers different approaches to the perception of urban landscapes, and considers SCAN Project Room and the building where it’s located as an active entity for the development of the exhibition.
Originally a bed factory, later the premises of a religious congregation and currently an art studio complex and gallery space, 13-19 Herald Street has changed throughout the years reflecting the urban dynamics of East London. 

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, artist Tom Dale will intervene our Instagram Account (@scan_arte) sharing post of his ongoing diary of urban encounters and to provide his own impression of the curatorial theme of the exhibition. 

This show is made possible with the help of the Spanish Embassy in London.