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"Touch to Snooze" | Un proyecto de Andy G. Vidal

Andy G. Vidal

Lunes, 1 de abril de 2019 de 11:45 a 14:00


For this new edition of Null Islands Portal, pendingskills.art is happy to present Andy G. Vidal's project - Touch to Snooze - in Amsterdam.

The event will take place the first Monday of April at 12pm, precisely when the Dutch Luchtalarm siren test system is launched. This live intervention will combine composed sounds interacting with each other and with the specific contextual soundscape of the Luchtalarm.

Null Islands Portal is a series of events where artists are invited to situate public offline spaces in relation to the precise coordinates of their online parallels on Google Map images, 360 views or videos. This module proposes that artists develop a project choosing one or more outdoor public spaces for an ephemeral event where part of the work will exist and to imagine this intervention dealing also with online views and representations via Google Map imagery.
The project seeks to explore the fracture between online and offline spaces, keeping one foot in each.

Null Islands Portal documentation:

Join us to the happening at the precise coordinates
52.3077761, 4.9402686 on site (~˘▾˘)~
April 1st
11h45 for 12pm