Contact with the IAC

The Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) is a professional association dedicated to contemporary art, independent of any instance of power and which objectives, beyond the professional interests of individuals, should benefit the entire arts community.

The IAC develops ideas to encourage the improvement and development of our institutional network for art, ensure the progressive implementation of best practices and promote a new social perception of modern Spanish art. We contribute to dialogue and analysis through the activity of the working groups on education, museums, heritage, international projection, rights and professional relations between artists, dealers and institutions. These groups intend to integrate representatives from all sectors and they are open to all the members of the IAC.

The issues which we think are top priority and we are working on now are:

  • The introduction of good practices in the management organization, director election, staff recruitment and relations with users of museums and art centres.
  • The expansion of Spanish art internationally, by requiring coordination from the various agencies that are competent in this field and creating a great center for information and exchange. Our initiative has already served to open a debate and bring about a change of attitude in these organizations still to bear fruit.
  • A reflection on the notion of public heritage. The development of proposals to promote the enrichment of public collections through acquisitions, handing over and donations.
  • The encouragement of patronship, which will depend on the capacity of art to generate social awareness and illusion for the future, and on the improvement of fiscal conditions for exercising it.
  • The development of a comprehensive study on art education, from school to university, to point out its shortcomings and channel it into a new direction. The IAC shall face the gradual spread of “corporate culture” in education and art institutions. We are concerned about the weak relationship between the university and the arts community, and shall seek ways to create bonds.
  • The attainment of a widespread agreement on good practice in a three-way relationship between artists, gallerists and museums or institutions.
  • To regulate the activity of freelance curators and critics, whose working conditions are not always the most suitable. Their roles will be defined and new contract models will be proposed.
  • To open a debate on the presence of contemporary art in the media which are turning art into a spectacle more and more everyday; as a result distance between professionals and the public we all address is increased.


So far the IAC has been financed with membership fees exclusively. Economic management has been in line with income, so the association has no debts or payment obligations that cannot be kept. Neither board members nor the members of the working groups receive any remuneration. We have a headquarters but not a physical office.


If you want to find out about the people who make up the IAC, please visit About Us, where you will find the names and professional activities of all our partners. Likewise, you can also view and download the papers that so far we have promoted by visiting Documents. We need to strengthen the Spanish artistic community. That is why we want contemporary art professionals like you to join the IAC. Learn how to associate at: Join the IAC.