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La artista madrileña Gabriela Bettini se incorpora a la galería Sabrina Amrani

Galería Sabrina Amrani / Gabriela Bettini

Gabriela Bettini (born in Madrid, 1977) is a Spanish artist of Argentinian origin. Her current interests lie in the study of the first cultural colonialisation and how it relates to its present-day legacy. Using the history of painting and the representation of landscape as her point of departure – observing how this medium has been used to reinforce the ideas that form the basis of Western hegemony – she analyses today’s environmental crisis and the extractivist model it espouses, one where women become a paradigm of the multiple violence inflicted by climate change.

She has worked with the idea of Postmemory in a series of pieces which revisit the dominant narratives of a generation that experienced the Argentinian dictatorship; these works directly link historical archives with her subjects’ own life stories. In addition, many of her projects have revolved around domestic spaces, which she has often examined with the eyes, curiosity and astonishment of an outsider, of someone who has inherited the condition of exile from the previous generation.

In her works, she studies life experiences existing in the margins of History, revealing the voids that result when we attempt to reconcile memory, memory politics and official narratives. Gabriela Bettini explores these intermediate spaces, paying attention to the traces left behind by certain personal experiences. She is interested in the elements which seem to be symbolising that passage between realities, an interstitial condition which can be seen as a metaphor for the liminality, openness and ambiguity of those who have experienced them.